Basics of Akashic Records


This workshop is structured with a manual, as well as it is Spirit led based on the energy of those gathered.  You will also have many opportunities to experience and experiment opening and closing your Records during class in preparation for using them daily in your life.

You will learn how to consciously open your Akashic Records to create whatever is meaningful to you; from art, music, curriculum design, new healing modalities, acting/speaking techniques, stories, poems, plays, books, better parenting, innovative workplace solutions, effective decision making techniques; plus you will learn how to gain greater insight and understanding of relationships with your spouse, pets, children, relatives, friends and coworkers and most of all yourself.  

The Akashic Records also offer the opportunity to heal wounds of the past that block us or sap our energy and power.

Experience growth and transformation through this profoundly illuminating process. Receive insights, attunements and blessings as you learn to work in the Sacred Energy of Your Soul and Your Akashic School of Creation.

You will learn and experience how to:

  • Consciously enter your Akashic Records to better understand your purpose/ Soul's intention.

  • Use your Akashic Records to gain clarity in every area of your life.

  • Access greater levels of creativity using your Akashic Records.

  • Expand your heart energy and open your heart to yourself and others.

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