Creation of your life: Level 3 Professional


Creation of your life: Level 3 Professional


In this third course, you will experience the transformative process of accessing the Akashic Record for another person, business, pet or object, learning a new vibrational key and practice giving Akashic Consultations.

Being a consultant with compassion and unconditional Love, you will be a blessing as you walk the path of service to others. You can help to bring clarity, deep insight and understanding of relationships and situations  to others through the Akashic Field.

In the Access Wisdom for Another workshop you will learn:

  • New vibrational key to align with divine energy and access the Akashic Record for another person.
  • Start on your path to a new career as a Certified Akashic Consultant with Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom
  • Guiding questions to assist your clients in receiving useful information.
  • Experience the beautiful energy of another’s Akashic Record and receive validating through this process.
  • Deepen into the Akashic Field information and energy.

Prerequisite: Course I & 2

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