Creation of your life: Level 2


Creation of your life: Level 2


'In this second course, you will experience a deepening into areas of the Akashic School of Creation that you may not have explored. We work in the vastness of the Akashic Field to understand our lives with greater wisdom. The realms of the Akashic Field are infinite and the chance to explore them in depth will give you the ability to see the Big Picture of your life and your choices.

You will also experience the transformative process of accessing the Akashic School of Creation for another person, business, pet or object.

Being a consultant with compassion and unconditional Love, you will be a blessing as you walk the path of service to others. You can help to bring clarity, deep insight and understanding of relationships and situations to others through the Akashic Field.

In the Creation of Your Life: Level 2workshop you will:

  • Explore the past lives that may influence you and your life situation now.
  • Examine your ancestral lineage and learn why you may have chose your family of origin.
  • Expand your creativity by using your Akashic School of Creation.
  • Explore your Soul lineage and discover talents you may be unaware of.
  • Learn about choice between lives.

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