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Great news! After that work last night my son received a $15,000 grant at U of I today! How can it get any better than that!
— Laura M
Dear Lena, thanks a lot for today’s session. I’ve never felt so calm.
— Olga A
Hi Helen,
We met about a month ago. I’ve been using your words “All of life comes to me with Ease and Joy and Glory” and also “What would it take to get a bigger branch” and all of a sudden I just got promoted to manage a bigger branch, manager of the bank.
— Nataliya D
Helen - I hope this finds you well.... the Universe is finally giving me the go ahead on the job front. You were SOOOOOO helpful when you said, “What is it that you are not willing to give up on your current job?” That one question has transformed my life!!!!!! It took 10 days to sink in, but I realized that I had not made a decision to totally let go of the old job and all its comforts to ALLOW the Universe to take me where I needed to go. Amazing. One question. I do feel a peace that I haven’t felt in along time. Thank You Helen!!! You are a very dear one who I hold with most highest regard.. What a blessing you are to me and my friends.

Wishing you life’s abundance bounty - however it shows up!!!
— Retha
I was curious and wanted to try Helen’s Access Bar Modality. At first, I didn’t understand what Bars meant until she explained it was a trigger point bar region on the human head area. It’s energy healing work! The session may take 1 to 2 hours depending what is appropriate during that time.
We had an hour half session in pure silence. While I lay flat and face up on a massage table, she placed her fingers onto certain points on my skull area (occipital, temporalis, various parts of the cranium, etc.) I felt that she knew the map of my head as to release all the unwanted ‘stuff’.

I noticed that sometimes I felt my feet twitch and then stop, then at other times I felt a warm sensation on both of my hands. Sometimes I felt a shivering sensation on other parts of my body...

After the session, she explained to me its normal to feel these sensations as a way to release memories, sadness, anger, aches & pains, etc. It’s different for each individual as we store memories and experiences in different ways.

Maybe this will help me and go beyond what I’m aiming for! Experience the healing touch of Helen’s Access Bars - I highly recommend it!
— Ramon Mascarenas
I took my first Bars class from Helen just over a month ago. She taught the Access Consciousness ideas with complete joy and ease and had powerful intuition that facilitated revelations and changes in her students, including me. Using the tools from that class, I already have noticed significant changes in me. I am sleeping more soundly and have more energy to get through the day than I’ve had in years. My outlook has been more joyful and I am more resiliant to stressors that would have flattened me in the past. For example, prior to the Bars class, vacations ended-up exhausting me (less than ideal sleep, diet, etc.) Several times in the last few years I was someone wheelchaired through the airport. Well, I just got back from a week in Mexico, and solidly walked the long corridors to pick-up my baggage after a very long day of travel!

Helen has been warm, wise and welcoming of all questions and concerns, and I’m looking forward to learning more and expanding more with her support. Doing the Bars has returned to me hope about what’s possible.
— J.L.
Helen was a fabulous teacher. She exhibited considerable patience, deep grasp of
the content. She was present and compassionate. She was very clear.
I gained inner confidence and was more in touch with a sense of my knowing.
She was able to efficiently answer all questions. She provided and held the energetic space necessary to create a safe and protected environment to go to deep levels that the work required.
— J.T.